Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eternal vigilance = less blue meanies

Recently there has been a spate of emissions events at Chevron Phillips Chemical in Sweeny, but the company reported that during the latest incident -- the fourth in about a week -- "good planning, and safe and timely execution minimized the amount of material flared."

What happened was a "high risk" area was found in Ethylene Unit 22's deethanizer tower. It was "clamped."

A small victory, perhaps, but a victory nonetheless.
[chevron phillips chemical report 59570]

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Hey, Banjo, did you hear about the TC firefighter pics from the BP blast?

When a Texas City firefighter took pics at the BP blast and put them on the TC Firefighters website, it wasn't long before the lawyers were calling and threatening.

The pics came down fast, as it turns out, these refineries are private property and not even OSHA -- if I've got this right --- can come in without permission and nobody can publish pics unless the company approves it.

(I also heard through a reliable source on the grapevine that the pics did not give any clues as to the cause of the blast, that someone tried to sell the pics to the media, i.e., the pics were not being taken by firefighters trying to locate the likely cause of the blast, there was a financial motive involved.)