Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bow-tied fruit re-ignites Imus-Contessa spectacle

Tucker Carlson: a dandyish dweeb in Imus's book
The last few days, there was a big spike in the Brazosport News site meter due to Google searches on the brutal spat several weeks ago between radio god Don Imus and dismissed news reader Contessa Brewer. I wrote about the contretemps back then cause I regularly was watching the I-Man's morning radio show on MSNBC. Since then, I haven't bothered watching Imus because I have an extemely short attention span, so I missed the reason for the site meter spike -- Tucker Carlson chiding Imus for his treatment of Brewer, which sent Imus into another self-righteous, spittle-spewing tailspin.

While I criticized Imus quite severely (for me) regarding the Brewer affair, I have to side with Imus on this one. Tucker Carlson really, really irritates me.

Read the NY Daily News link for more info, if you care.
[nydn, 2nd item]


Corey said...

Tucker Carlson is to Conservatism what screen doors are to submarines.

Banjo Jones said...

Well, he's no G. Gordon Liddy. Or Michael Savage. Or Bill O'BlowHard. Or ... fill in the blank. To each his own. The marketplace of ideas. The bazaar of blowhards. Life is a carnival. Party on, Wayne.