Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogrollin' ... on a Sunday afternoon ...

1. How US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison flies under the radar. [Off The Kuff]

2. Next shoe to drop in Supreme's eminent domain ruling: the Astrodome turned into Texanville? [Houston's Clear Thinkers]

3. Texas prisons are full up; Gov. Perry's veto pen ain't helpin'. [Grits For Breakfast]

4. The unending (and entertaining) sniping at The Houston Chronicle appears to be paying off: the only paper in Houston is now letting its "reader representative" and a host of others write blogs. Will the power and the glory go to the heads of blogHouston's wunderkinds? []

5. Ever wonder what it'd be like to be stuck on a submarine for a months at a time with a jackass? There's no escape. Except, maybe, in your dreams. [Slightly Rough]

6. A novelist writes. A blogger blogs. One who does both hopes someday, when we're all dead, his great-granchild or a scholar or maybe even some form of artificial intelligence will look through the archives of his blog. "Somehow they will hit upon my archive and include it among their sources, helping them learn what life here was like. So while I will never be widely known, I will always be known to about six readers. This is my hope of resurrection."
[Richard Lawrence Cohen]

7. King of the Hill is being analyzed for insights into conservative voters. Like Gomer used to say, "Well, Go-o-l-l-l-y." [Althouse]


Kevin said...

I want some power to go with the glory, dangit!

The day anything in the blogosphere goes to our heads, though, is the day I hope someone is ready to give us a good swift kick in the arse.

We put stuff out, some people read, some people like, some people don't. Maybe some people think about things in a way they hadn't before. Maybe they don't. *shrug* We're having fun with it. That's what hobbies are for. :)

Thanks for the linkage and kind words, though, as always!

Banjo Jones said...

blog on, my son.