Monday, May 02, 2005

Weapons lab blogged down

The culture needs a new word for when an institution, or an institution leader who's a jackass, becomes the subject of a blog that was created because of some injustice.

Case in point: the Los Alamos weapons laboratory in New Mexico.

The director there (allegedly) is such a jerk that a good many underlings have resorted to a blog to vent their collective spleen, reports the NY Times yesterday. The director may not survive the blog assault. This isn't some obscure retail store or widget factory we're talking about. This is the USA's main freakin' WEAPONS LABORATORY!

Jeff Jarvis, who publishes BuzzMachine, a blog that focuses on media issues, said the Los Alamos site showed "a new ethic of transparency" that has come with the explosion of electronic self-publishing. "It's not just the power of the blog," Mr. Jarvis said, "it's the power of the citizen."

So what would this new word for the culture be?
How 'bout "blogsided"? A variation on blindsided. As in, the director of the Los Alamos weapons lab claims he was "blogsided" by unhappy employees.
Blogwhacked? Like in bushwacked?
Maybe something much simpler, as in, I got blogged by my ungrateful underlings.

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