Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ron Paul, truckin' to a different drummer

Ron Paul, the congressman for the Brazosport area, is a Republican in name, but he's really not a Republican in many other ways, mainly because he goes his own way, depending on what's at issue, and isn't unduly swayed by party groupthink.

Latest example: he's one of only two Republicans to sign on as a co-sponsor to House Resolution 2087: To provide for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States.

(Some states have approved the medical use of marijuana, an issue that some people think should be controlled by the federal government.)

There are only 30 co-sponors of the resolution, authored by Rep. Barney Frank, Dem. of Mass.

The only other Republican co-sponsor is Dana Rohrabacher of California. Looks like Rohrabacher and Paul won't be invited to the White House Christmas party this year.

Way to go, Ron. Keep on truckin' with yer Libertarian bad self!



Bill said...

The only (?) good thing about congressional redistricting is that it moved me out of Tom DeLay's district and into Ron Paul's.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Dylan smoked weed and was still quoted by Jimmy Carter.

H. Brute
Sharpstown TX

Banjo Jones said...

Yeah, but don't you miss Rep. DeLay's interesting reports to his constituents, Bill?

H. Brute: I heard somewhere Willie smoked weed on the roof of the Carter White House. Man, he couldn't do that today. Homeland Security'd be on that sort of activity with guns drawn. Hee-HAWWW!