Friday, May 20, 2005

REVEALED: deadliest roads in Brazoria, Harris counties

Rural roads only carry 28 percent of the nation's traffic but account for more than half of all fatal accidents, Dateline NBC reported recently.

The program provided a handy data base to tap in your county and state to see what your situation might be.

In Harris County (Houston), the deadliest road is Spring Cypress, on which 10 fatalities occurred (along with 10 drinking drivers involved). In second place was FM 2920, which runs across the northern portion of the county through Tomball, on which there were 9 fatalities (along with 3 drinking drivers.)

Here in Brazoria County, the deadliest roads are:
State Highway 35, 14 fatalities and 3 drunken drivers involved in fatalities; FM 523, 10 fatalities, 3 drunken drivers; FM 521, 8 fatalities; FM 1462, 7 fatalities, 2 drunken drivers, and FM 2004, 5 fatalities and 1 drunken driver.

So, listen up, people. STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING! Stay home and get smashed, or call a friend to drive you around. Also, slow her down, ya know?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news. My neigborhood is bordered on the north by Spring-Cypress and 2920 runs roughly parallel just about a mile north of Sprig-Cy. Spring-Cy is (was, actually, the county is widening and straightening) a lovely road. Even though you know your in big ole Harris county you feel like you're out in the country. Local lore has it that Lyle Lovett's old homestead is on Sprin-Cy.

Banjo Jones said...

My sister lives right off 2920. I haven't heard from her in a while. Guess I better check to see she's still alive.