Monday, May 02, 2005

Mark of 'de Beast ain't what it used to be

Hate to rain on your parade, but Bill Crider advises that 666 really should be 616. Think of all those incorrect tattoos out in the world.

Bill cites a UK publication. He just didn't make this up. He wouldn't do that, though he does make up stuff in the books he writes.

Now, for all you heathens out there, 616 (or 666 if you insist) is the mark that everyone will have to show in order to buy food, gasoline and other necessities at the End Times. But true believers won't wear or show the mark cause the Good Book tells them not to. A lotta folks think the mark will be on folks' foreheads. But some think it might just be the bar code on your Kroger card that leads to that all-important discount. Discounts today, the whole shootin' match tomorrow, is the thinking.

So, you better do so some hard thinking now that the number's been changed. But there's no pressure, just the possibility of ETERNAL DAMNATION IN THE FIRES OF HELL.


Bill said...

But can we really trust those Brits? They can be pretty sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones... You posted an article "Mark of the Beast ain't what it used to be".... there is a Still Photo of a Girl with a BarCode and 666 on her forehead and a Green BackGround behind her. That Still Photo is from a Commercial I produced for

You do NOT have my permission to use my Mark of the Beast Photograph... I would appreciate it if you removed it as what you are doing in reference to 666 could not be more incorrect. You are intellectuelly dishonest to steal a Photograph and use it without the permission of the artist who produced it. You could have asked me as you had my e-dress from the site you stole my shot. I would have said NO as you are incorrect in your assumptions... none-the-less you do NOT have my permission... I am sure you are a good man and will do the right thing... design your OWN art-work and not THIEVE from others who are working for the Lord. Believe me... it is not worth using what is not YOURS and stealing what belongs to GOD (as that is to Whom I dedicated that Project.

It is sad that folks are eager to read and accept nonsense instead of studying the Bible for themselves.. I assure you... the TRUTH is stranger than fiction. Anti-Christ is here now and has been here for over a thousands of years. Those who really want the truth will visit and use the Links provided. Anyone who does lesson one of Free Prophecy Course will be well on their way to identifying the Anti-Christ and it's 'mark'.

Please cease and dissist from using MY work. Please teard it down .... you could simply place a large 666 in it's place.

BTW... no where in the Word of God is there an ETERNALLY BURNING HELL... a loving GOD would not keep people alive in fire so he can burn them forever and ever... that is a lie put forth by the anti-christ.

Banjo Jones said...

Why beat around the bush? Go ahead and tell me who the anti-Christ is. I've always thought it was Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,

Thank you so much for removing my ArtWork. You are an honorable man. Blessings to you sir.

cacafuego said...

First it was social security numbers, then it was drivers license numbers, then credit card numbers, then an epidemic of identity theft: maybe the AntiChrist will take the form of a data base manager with mad SQL skillzz.

Anonymous said...

The ant-christ (beast) has been here for thousands of years.. and it's 'mark' it is NOT a Bar Code... Chip.. or any other Modern Device or System. TRUTH is stranger than fiction and the anti-christ, Beast and it's mark are right in front of you... plain as the nose on your face. You need only turn to the Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit for enliightenment on this subject. A matter of fact for every TRUTH in the Bible there is a counterfeit-truth proclaimed by the anti-christ.

Is there proof the Bible is the Word of God?

If we go to Heavan when we die why is Jesus coming back for us?

What is the mark of the beast?

Can we communicate with the dead?

Who is the anti-christ?

Can a man forgive sin?

Would a loving God keep people alive in hellfire so He can burn them forever and ever? see, 99% of 'christianity' is tied up with the ant-christ so you will NOT find the answers from most churches.. Pastors or Priests.

For the TRUTH on these matters go to..

... and do the FREE Bible Prophecy Course. Sign in as Mickey Mouse for all I care but THERE you will find the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free.