Thursday, May 12, 2005

Justice: McLane should be seen, not heard

Richard Justice: Clemens should horsewhip him.
Using his new blog format, Houston Chronicle sportswriter Richard Justice suggests the Astros follow the example set by the Minnesota Twins in 1982: let the youngster play, see who belongs in the Majors, and hope in 5 years there will be a World Series payoff.

Justice also suggests the Astros convene a meeting and that owner Drayton McLane attend and keep his mouth shut. OUCH!

Of course, Astros fans will remember that when future Hall of Fame pitcher Roger Clemens announced this winter that he would return for one more season, the first thing he did was cite one of Justice's columns, saying it got him all fired up to win one for the home team.

Clemens oughta horsewhip Justice for getting him into this mess of a season with his fancy sportswritin' words. That would be Sports Justice.

But what happens? Now Justice tells everyone it'll be 5 years before the team has a snowball's chance in Hades of competing for a title.

Being the veteran that he is, Clemens shoulda learned along ago that you never trust a sportwriter.

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Bill said...

So I'm wondering: which of the current Astros' starters (not counting the pitching rotation) would be starting for a good major league team? And about which ones would a general manager say, "I'd like to have that guy on my team"?