Sunday, May 01, 2005

Imus "over the line" says MSNBC

The I-Man: ball's in his court now
MSNBC is backing up news reader Contessa Brewer, who was verbally bushwacked last Friday on the air by radio psychopath Don Imus, who likely will respond with another tirade tomorrow morning. An MSNBC spokesman told the New York Post, "Contessa Brewer is a valued and respected employee. While Don Imus' humor is often brilliant and provocative, we believe that this morning's comments about Contessa went over the line. We have expressed our displeasure to Don."



Anonymous said...

Expressed their displeasure? Sounds like a hand slapping to me! MSNBC must feel they have too many viewers if they don't get tougher with him than that, as I won't watch their station at all anymore, and I liked watching some of the afternoon programs. I found myself turning to CBS and ABC for my local and evening news this week-end also, as I just did not want to see any people like Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams etc, from NBC that patronize the Imus show, sorry, I can get my news gladly from CNN, ABC and CBS from now on!

Claire McManus said...

I watch Imus every morning.Contessa read the news but was ignorant re world affairs.She did a poor job.If one does not like Imus,then turn the station!
Claire McManus