Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cream: the reunion, the break-up

Tom Kirkendall, the Houston attorney, apparently is a rock aficianado as he alludes today to the recent reunion of Cream, the British "supergroup" from the late '60s.

Tom's post reminds of an email I received a month ago from my musician/artist friend Jim, who's been urging me to check out a magazine called Uncut. If I'm remembering correctly, the mag is from the UK. In his last missive Jim was raving about an article the magazine did about The Band, whose music was so inspirational to Eric Clapton that he decided to chuck Cream and try to join up with The Band. Imagine that.

Here's Jim's email.

by the way, i've spoken of the magazine uncut before - well, last month
> > their cover-story was on THE BAND!!! it is so awesome to read about the
> > history of those guys. their first album was a ground-breaking thing,
> but
> > their second album is considered to be a pivotal moment in music. so
> > influential!! did you know that hearing the band forced eric clapton to
> > dissolve Cream? and that he actually flew to woodstock, NY and "applied=
> > for inclusion in the Band? i knew that once he heard the rootsy quality
> of
> > the band's songs, he wanted to overturn the marshall stacks and get bac=
> > to basics but i didn't know he was so deeply affected!!
[Houston's Clear Thinkers]

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Anonymous said...

Uncut is righteous, having featured dylan on several occasions.

Sharpstown TX