Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chron's new blogs please H-town blog guru

Kevin Whited at blogHOUSTON is mighty pleased at changes the Houston Chronicle is making to its three blogs, which have been switched to Moveable Type, which gives readers the ability to post comments.

If anyone on the Chron staff should be given a blog, it's reader representative James T. Campbell.

It would enable Campbell to address a broad audience regarding questions that concern the newspaper's readers. As it stands now, it's my understanding Campbell deals with reader concerns one-on-one on the telephone. This method is a sure formula for a future negative mental health event. Moreover, it's not very efficient.

Certainly, Campbell could continue to handle phone calls from individual readers, but a blog might cut those phone calls in half if he had a forum to explain why the newspaper does what it does. This would give Campbell more time to burnish the Chron's image in the community.

Secondly, giving Campbell a blog could be fun and entertaining.

Take the flap a while back when Fox News Channel blowhard Bill O'Reilly called out the Chron and crowed that they were "afraid" to appear on his show. If Campbell had a blog, he could have explained the newspaper's thinking on why it chose not to send someone on the program. If the reason was O'Reilly treats his adversarial guests unfairly and cuts them off repeatedly in mid-sentence, so be it. Or, if the reason is O'Reilly's a nitwit and not worth the newspaper's time, so be that, too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

As stated on numerous other occasions, Mr. O'Reilly would like us to stop reminding people every time we see or hear his name that he is in fact a draft-dodging fraud, who lied about growing up among the working class. He would also prefer that we quit pointing out that despite his claims of taking the moral high road, he wrote a less-than sophomoric novel containing graphic depictions of cunnilingus, and that he not only christens dildos, but also touches himself in an unpure manner whenever he talks on the phone.
He'd like this - but it will never, ever happen.

Oveta H.
Purgatory TX

Banjo Jones said...

sorry, me forget.

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

If Kevin is a 'guru' then I'm an astronaut.

On second thought, make me Obi-wan Kenobe.

I understand they like to think of themselves as a coven over there, so perhaps he would go for 'warlock'.

Kevin said...

Ha, warlock sounds great! And much better than some things a person might call me!

Besides, I think of Dwight Silverman as the guru.

Thanks for the linky love, as always. :)