Saturday, May 21, 2005

Banjo's Mini Poll: Cash is king

More voters in Banjo's Mini Poll would rather bring Johnny Cash back to life for a long, interesting conversation than 9 other deceased musical luminaries.

What does it mean? Not a damn thing, especially since I didn't include Elvis, which I should have. Still, I think JC would have won anyway.

Here's how the voting went:
Cash: 30 percent
John Lennon: 23 percent
Waylon Jennings, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jim Morrison: 9 percent each
Ray Charles, Jimi Hendricks, George Harrison & Buddy Holly: 5 percent each
Janis Joplin: 0

Total votes cast: 43

Vote now in our Roger Clemens poll!


Rev. Mark T. Jones, H.P. said...

I don't mind you copying images from my blog, (The Bull Speaks!), if you only ask first. Some, like the Johnny Cash image isn't even copyrighted. However, simply linking to someone else's page in order to show an image on your website is considered bandwidth theft. I *pay* for that bandwidth you are using on your website!! I'm sure your ISP or web host will happily explain the possible issues you may encounter by stealing bandwidth from someone.
If you want a photo of JC on your blog, please, host it yourself!!!

Irritatedly yours,
~Rev. Mark T. Jones, H.P.

Banjo Jones said...

i took the johnny cash pictures off, rev.

sorry i stole your bandwidth.

have a pleasant memorial day weekend.

Anonymous said...

Seems you're gonna have a fair amount of coding to do. Word is out now and you can expect the hotlinked pics to begin to disappear. I see has followed my example.