Thursday, May 05, 2005

Arrianna blog to launch Monday

Harry Shearer: will write "Eat the Press"
Some of the contributors to Arrianna Huffington's group blog aren't computer savvy, so Arthur Schlesinger, for instance, might fax his in, says the self-confessed cyberslut.

Some may even dictate over the phone. Whooo, talk about Front Page retro: "Gimme rewrite, sweetheart."

The Huffington Post will be part news aggreggator a la Drudge and part group blog.

The news stuff will be on the right side of the page and the blog stuff on the left.

Huffington insists none of the celebs will have their publicists ghost-write their innermost thoughts.

For my money, one of her contributors bears watching. Harry Shearer, the comedian/actor, will write a journalist-watchdog feature called "Eat the Press." Perhaps he'll even toss in anecdotes about some of his movies: "That reminds me of the time I was creating the character of Derek Smalls for a movie you might have seen -- Spinal Tap."
Running the news aggregator side of things will be Andrew Breitbart, who did the same thing for Drudge at one point and later wrote a book, Hollywood, Interrupted, "a moralizing book on celebs and limo liberals that calls out various group bloggers from Huffington Post, including Rob Reiner and Norman Lear," reports Online Journalism Review.

(P.S.: For the time being, reader comments will not be featured on Huffington's blog. Yeah, I know some of you believe that automatically makes a blog not a blog, but that's the way it is.)

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