Thursday, April 14, 2005

More kudos for Alvin CC rock station; DMN says there will be no keystroke counting

KACC-FM, the rock radio station operated by students at Alvin Community College, continues to get rave notices, both by listeners in Bloggerville and by professional broadcasters. Today, on Sportsradio610's afternoon show, co-hosts Rich Lord and Marc Vandermeer said the Alvin station rocks their sports-obsessed world, after they received a call from a fella who's matriculatin' at ACC. Vandermeer said professional broadcasters could learn a few things from the kids at 89.7 on the FM dial. Rock on w/ ya bad selves, Alvin. And while you're at it, get someone to clean up the Nolan Ryan statue in front of City Hall!

Up in Dallas, the publisher of the Dallas Morning News shot down a report on D Magazine's blog that management will be counting keystrokes of its employees to gauge their productivity. So far as we know, Houston Chronicle MC/Editor Jeff Cohen is NOT backing down from his decision to take away his underlings' free rodeo & drink tickets after one of his reporters wrote a story about the half-century-old practice.


Bill said...

As a former employee at ACC, I just want to say that Cathy Forsythe, who's in charge of the radio station, does a super job. I'll have to ask her to see about that statue. I'll bet she can get something done.

Kevin said...

I've been plugging KACC for a while now. I do wish they had an internet stream, because I can't pick the thing up most places in Houston, which is a shame. It's a nice little station.