Thursday, April 28, 2005

Make Lemonade sequel #1 in Houston

For the second week, True Believer is the top-selling book in Houston.

True Believer is the second book in a trilogy. The first, Make Lemonade, was critically acclaimed.

It's interesting that a book that's categorized by many as "young people's fiction" is doing so well, but I doubt only young people are buying and reading it.

Both books are written in the verse prose of a 15-year-old girl who describes her day to day struggles growing up poor in the inner city.

Publishers Weekly said: "Eight years after the publication of her groundbreaking Make Lemonade, (the author) surpasses herself with this sequel. In delving into LaVaughn's life, the author unmasks the secret thoughts adolescents hold sacred and lets her readers know they are not alone."

Speaking as a parent, mining the thoughts of an adolescent is no easy task. I think I need to read these books.


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