Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Beware, cat killers!

Angleton, the county seat of Brazoria, is overrun with stray cats. When I visited the Brazoria County Historical Museum several weeks ago, at least four of five of them were scampering around in the bushes.

It must get pretty loud over in Angleton when darkness falls. That's why I never try to be in Angleton after the sun sets. Having said that, I must add I have no desire to hunt those cats down and kill them, even if I had a gun, which I don't. Or a bow and arrow, for that matter.

Some folks in Angleton might be tempted to do what some folks in the State of Wisconsin want to do: make it legal to shoot feral cats.

(Feral is another word for wild or stray, apparently.)

But before Angleton takes Wisconsin's lead, they should realize there may be a backlash to such a stray cat strategy -- a boycott.

Already, cat lovers are organizing a boycott of cheese from Wisconsin.

If the cat killin' movement was going on in Michigan, that'd be tantamount to boycotting cars made in Detroit. And there are a lot of cat lovers in the world.

Big Business, in other words.

So, Angleton, before you start killing cats, be aware that a boycott could be aimed at your overrun-by-cats town. People could stop buying whatever it is you make there. I'm not sure what that is, but there must be something. Flanges or brake pads or horse-shoeing equipment, most likely.


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IThinkThereforeIAm said...

I guess it takes some people a while to catch on, but they make CATS down in Angleton. Not flanges or brake pads or horse-shoeing equipment, just cats. Lots of them. And some get loose, and then you have this kind of problem.

Just thought you would want to know.