Wednesday, March 30, 2005

REVEALED -- the secret to the state's best chicken fried steak

On the radio this morning, Houston's answer to Tony Kornheiser (the Chronicle's Richard Justice) was waxing eloquent about the best chicken fried steak in Texas, which he says is available at The Broken Spoke in Austin, located on Lamar, if memory serves.

After Justice departed, a caller to Sportsradio610 called in, said he used to live in Austin and ate at The Broken Spoke frequently. One day, he said, he was eating lunch and the cook came out to have a bite, and sat down with him.

The caller asked the cook what the secret was to the chicken fried steak.

It's in the batter, said the cook.

Instead of the usual mix of eggs and milk, the cook said, reduce the amount of milk by about a third and substitute Blue Bell Ice Cream.

What's ice cream? Milk and sugar.

It makes sense. It's been known for years that McDonald's adds sugar to their hamburger buns.

So, if it works out there for anybody, drop me an email.

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