Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Latest emissions AND a modest proposal

The grand poobah of Dow Chemical Co. was in town last week. He gave a fancy crystal vase to the chamber of commerce, for which he was lavishly praised, and took time out to tell the local paper, The Facts, that "All chemicals aren't bad for you."

Unfortunately, the local paper failed to ask him which chemicals are good for us, and which are bad. We'd like to know.

Nevertheless, we have taken his observation that "all chemicals aren't bad for us" to heart, and keep reminding ourselves of it. In fact, we've incorporated it into our nightly bedtime prayer.

Be that as it may, emissions events will continue to be reported here, on a catch-as-catch-can basis, even though most of you skip over it or think we are troublemakers for doing so. We will consider NOT printing them anymore for the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars, cash American. Email us and we'll talk.

Now, to the VIDEOTAPE!

Dow and Chevon-Phillips ended the short month of February with emissions events that they duly reported to the state enviro regulators.

Dow said a leaky flange caused an emissions problem, leaking something we've never heard of -- perchloroethylene -- which must be a member of the chlorine family.
The toll:
Carbon tetrachloride 20.4 lbs (est.)
Chlorine 4.8 lbs (est.)
Hydrogen chloride 5.7 lbs (est.)
Perchloroethylene 11.7 lbs (est.)

Over West o' The Brazos in Sweeny, Chevron-Phillips Chemical said an ethylene refrigeration system went haywire.
The toll:
Carbon Monoxide 266.0 lbs (est.)
Ethylene, gaseous 477.0 lbs (est.)
Nitric oxide 127.0 lbs (est.)
Nitrogen dioxide 7.0 lbs (est.)

Remember, $10,000, in unmarked bills, and we'll walk away quietly.



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