Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Flags at the retail level

Once thing noticed on our recent road trip through the South is that car dealers and convenience stores in Brazoria County have got it all over their counterparts in Dixie. Our American flags are big enough to drape over a three-bedroom, two-bath house, with enough left over to cover the flower beds in case of a freeze. In Dixie? The flags outside their car dealers and convenience stores might cover the dog house out in the backyard.

What does this mean? I don't know. I just report the facts as I see them.

'Course, if a big ass American flag outside an auto dealer convinces you go buy a car, even if it's made in Japan, then there might a marketing lesson here. Or if a big ass American flag persuades you to go buy your 99-cent 20-lb. bag of ice at the flag-wavin' store rather than the other stop 'n rob that flies no flag at all, that may say you like to feel good about yourself, patronizing the flag-wavin' store rather than the other store, even though both store owners are both Grade A certified Americans. But flags carry heavy and effective messages. If I ran an auto dealership or a chain of convenience store chain, I'd probably go to the flag card. It's cheaper than running an ad in the daily paper and probably more effective. (see pictorial examples below).

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Liberty said...

Ya know, there is a lot of wind on this Texas Gulf Coast, and it sure helps present these huge flags well. I don't think the big flags fly as well in most parts of the country.