Monday, February 07, 2005


The word headlined above -- turnaround -- has a special place in my memory. If you grew up in a refinery town and your dad worked in a facility that refined crude oil, it may ring a bell.

Turnaround means long hours, problems and general grumpiness. For us kids, it was sort of a code to lie low. "Your father's working a turnaround." Keep the fighting, the racket and the TV volume to a minimum, in other words.

So there's a turnaround going on now at BP Amoco over on Chocolate Bayou. Put the word out. Don't cause waves. It'll be over in due time.

As a result, lots of emissions to report to state regulators: 20,417 lbs of carbon monoxide, 10,965 lbs of ethylene (gaseous), 10,585 lbs of propylene (propene), yada, yada, yada. You know the drill. But's it's all scheduled. It's just part of the cost to keep your SUVs, pick'em ups and RVs motorin' on down the road. [Emissions Report 1]
[Emissions Report 2]

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