Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Tenets of Journalism: Never leave your editor's name out of a bold-face gossip item or you'll have to file a 2nd day bold-face gossip item

Emcee Jeff Cohen
Houston Chronicle, Feb. 3, 2005
Best Dressed

The Houston Chronicle Best Dressed honorees were announced Wednesday night at a cocktail reception held in the couture salon of Neiman Marcus in the Galleria.

The honorees are Diedra Fontaine, Janet Gurwitch, Janiece Longoria, Shelly Ann Marks, Karen Mayell, Melissa Mithoff, Cynthia Petrello, Courtney Lanier Sarofim, Barbara Seymour and Leticia Trauber.

Gurwitch enters the Best Dressed Hall of Fame with this her third time to be named to the list. Joining Best Dressed ranks for the second time are Mayell, Sarofim and Trauber. The remainder are making their debut in the Best Dressed coterie.

The women will be honored March 17 at the Westin Galleria Hotel at the annual luncheon and Neiman Marcus fashion presentation benefiting the March of Dimes.

Also taking part in the announcement party were Neiman's GM Bob Devlin and luncheon chairs Pat Breen and Anita Smith.

Houston Chronicle, Feb. 6, 2005

Stepping out
A coterie of well-heeled community leaders stepped out in high style Wednesday night for announcement of the Houston Chronicle Best Dressed honorees in the couture salon at Neiman Marcus. Close to 200 — including Best Dressed Hall of Famers Cynthia Allshouse, Lora Clemmons, Diane Farb, Gigi Huang, Mary Beth Aspromonte and Anita Smith — sipped cosmopolitans, sampled hors d'oeuvres and applauded the honorees.

Houston Chronicle executive vice president and editor Jeff Cohen introduced the 10 women. Making her third appearance on the list, Janet Gurwitch entered the Hall of Fame. Those named to Best Dressed for the second time were Courtney Lanier Sarofim, Leticia Trauber and Karen Mayell. First-time honorees were Diedra Fontaine, Janiece Longoria, Shelly Ann Marks, Melissa Mithoff, Cynthia Petrello and Barbara Seymour.

Smith and Pat Breen chair the March 17 Best Dressed luncheon and Neiman Marcus fashion presentation benefiting the March of Dimes. Neiman's GM Bob Devlin served as host of the Wednesday night cocktail reception.
Shelby Hodge society gossip column, Feb. 3
Shelby Hodge society gossip column, Feb. 6


Jo Merriwether said...

What I want to know is why the editor of the only newspaper in the 4th largest city in the country is emceeing a silly ass "best dressed" contest. Is he still in high school? Does he know we're at war? ... Can you see the editor of the Los Angeles Times spending his time this way? Aren't they're big time issues he could be spending his time on? What's next for this guy, hosting the Little Miss HOuston contest?
J. Merriwether
New York City

Banjo Jones said...

I'm not sure why he handled the announcement ... public relations/social climbing? When Jeff was being groomed for a future in management by Hearst back at the San Antonio Light many years ago, he was told to start dressing better, I'm told.