Monday, February 21, 2005

Steroids, Canseco, McGwire ...

I'm sick of the steroid issue. Can't turn on sportstalk radio without hearing about it. So I'll make this quick ...
After Jose Canseco made his allegations on 60 Minutes that will be in his forthcoming book, why didn't Mark McGwire sue him?
Wouldn't you, if someone was telling the world lies about you?
Forget whether McGwire (or you) would win the suit.
A more relevant concern, perhaps, is that once you file such a lawsuit, you will be required to submit to questions put forth by attorneys, and said questions are propounded after you take an oath to tell the truth, which opens the door to a whole new can of worms should you not tell the truth. Perjury, for instance.

Meanwhile, the opening of spring training, usually a very interesting time of year for all baseball fans, will be chock full of the steroid chatter. Like when Ivan Rodriguez shows up at the Tigers camp 22 pounds lighter. It's distressing and sad and annoying for baseball and baseball fans.

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