Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sold! Ad space on Bagette's cleavage goes for $15K

No word yet on who submitted the winning bid of $15,099 for the right to advertise across Shaun Bagwell's chest for 30 days. Gallery Furniture? Landry's? GoDaddy.com?
Shaun, former wife of Astros first sacker Jeff Bagwell, has been touting a phone interview with Howard Stern, so she's getting the media play she wants, even though she will be mercilessly badgered into confessing any lesbian experiences she's ever had. When you sell advertising across the top of your boobage, you should expect nothing less. [e-Bay]

UPDATE: Online casino wins Bagette auction

e-Bay says Golden Palace Casino wins the Shaun Bagwell boobage ad space. Still no comment from Jeff Bagwell. Get on it, Richard Justice.

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