Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rent this space

Shaun Bagwell, ex-wife of the Astros' first baseman, is getting a lot of play for leasing advertising space across her decolletage to the highest bidder on e-bay. Jeff Bagwell, wherever he is, is doing a slow burn and probably will try to stay away from the TV for a few days. We can only hope she doesn't show up at the Astros' opener with her walking billboard, but don't be surprised.

Houston's Fox station interviewed Shaun tonight and promised another interview tomorrow morning. Yowza.

In the Thursday night interview with Ch. 26, Shaun said she's doing it for the money, saying she has a 7-month-old child to support. (It's not Jeff Bagwell's, at least not as far as I know, as they have been divorced for quite a while now.)

Charles Kuffner made note this morning of Shaun's cheek implants. [Off-the-Kuff]

The bathing suit model also caught the attention of an LA blog last December. [Conversations About Famous People]

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