Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Most famous Jew in Texas runnin' for guv

Writer/musician/bonvivant Kinky Friedman, who once led a band called The Texas Jewboys, is officially running for governor of Texas. Houston blogger Charles Kuffner says it's BS. He's right. But Kinky will provide a few laughs, sell a few more of his mystery novels and get to appear on more TV & radio talk shows as a result. It's all about marketing The Kinkster, not politics. [Off The Kuff]
Friedman has decried the "wussification" of Texas, which should play well with the state's nationalist tendencies. Selling his other ideas will take some fast talking.[AP via H. Chron.]

A key element of his campaign is the fight against what he calls the "wussification" of Texas, which he defines as political correctness run amok.

He favors legalizing casino gambling to solve the state's education finance dilemma, would push for life without parole to provide an alternative to the death penalty and create a Texas version of the Peace Corps, enlisting the help of his friends in the entertainment industry.

Let's be honest. Ending political correctness is hopeless in the political arena. But I do delight in hearing someone say "wussification" out loud.

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Anonymous said...

I am from Ohio, but I just wanted to say that I hope you succeed in you election. I feel Texas and Florida are in need of an overhaul.
Good Luck
Paul Pasquerilla
Hubbard, Ohio