Friday, February 25, 2005

Bono to The BANK!

The Los Angeles Times has called for Bono to become the next president of The World Bank.

OK, I checked the calendar, and verified that it's not April 1, then I read the editorial again. Yes. That's what it says.

Bono could enhance the World Bank's image and sell its poverty-reduction mission far more effectively than the other deserving candidates being mentioned for the job, which traditionally goes to an American — a tradition that deserves to be broken, even if not in favor of the Irish rock star.

For one thing, Bono could mobilize public opinion in favor of getting rich nations to abide by their commitments to development aid, which they rarely meet.

Bono the banker, eh.

This certainly would renew interest among the young in the doings of the World Bank, and probably uncover a treasure trove of new song material for Bono, The Edge and their mates. Interest rates, depreciation and amortization never really have been fully explored in rock music, or in any other kind of music so far as I know. Sooo... OK, I'm down with Bono as head of the World Bank. Yeah. HELL, YEAH! And, while we're making changes, Ringo Starr can replace Kofi Annan and Roger Daltry can be the new British Prime Minister. Bloody fookin' aye!!

Congratulations to the Michael Kinsley and the rest of the editorial-writing staff of the LA Times for thinking outside the box. Now, we will quietly close the box, seal it up with heavy packing tape and tiptoe out of the room.

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