Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Another fired blogger story slated for ABC News

Jake Tapper emails us to say ABC News World Tonight is putting together a piece on bloggers who got fired for blogging. Seems like I read about this phenomenon somewhere before. Anyway, they're trying to put the story on tonight's newscast.


ABC World News Tonight did the story this evening. I didn't see it, but will provide the link. It's nothing you likely didn't already know.

When Jake Tapper emailed me this morning, he was looking for interview victims. Luckily, I slept late as I was up til 3 watching a movie on HBO (After Hours) that didn't really turn out to be as interesting as it initially appeared. As a result, I didn't return his email until two hours after he sent it. By then, he had enough blogging casualties for his story, and anyway, Jessica Cutler's spine-tingling story is certainly more riveting than mine. []

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