Sunday, February 27, 2005

24 hours of emissions, courtesy Dow

Dow reports:

During the preparation of a quench oily water heat exchanger for maintenance, pyrolysis gasoline entered the steam/condensate system and was released to the air.
The heat exchanger was isolated from the steam system within 32 minutes of discovery. Emissions from the steam/condensate system are estimated to continue for 24 hours.

We HATE IT when that happens.

The Emissions:

Benzene 24.5 lbs (est.)
Ethylbenzene 54.6 lbs (est.)
Hexane 2.2 lbs (est.)
Indene 161.7 lbs (est.)
NAPHTHALENE 136.0 lbs (est.)
Styrene 328.8 lbs (est.)
Toluene 42.3 lbs (est.)
Xylene 255.9 lbs (est.)

Have a nice Sunday.:)

[emissions report]

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