Thursday, January 20, 2005

TV notes: the inaugural, Fire Walk With Me episode

It's official. We'll see your Jihad and raise you a Crusade. That's all ye know and all ye need know.

Letterman material

Before the president's speech, a Lawrence Welk singer from Tupelo, Miss., sang the John Ascroft-penned song "Let the Eagle Soar," whose videotaped rendition by Ashcroft was, well, one of the more memorable moments during the first four years of Bush.

Cheney does Imus

The vice president appeared to commit news, telling radio talker Don Imus, whose morning show is simulcast on MSNBC, that the president offered him the VP job from the git-go. He declined, headed the VP search, then relented to W's wishes.

Would you like to be president? The I-Man asked.
Cheney said he explored the possibility in 1994, but decided it was a no-go.
Are you the president? The I-Man asked.
No, said the VP.

Imus publicly supported Kerry. Cheney showed his deadpan wit, trading jibes with the misanthropic radio star. Sucking up, Imus told Cheney he supported Kerry because he "liked" him, not because he didn't like W, making himself look foolish.

Breaking news!

Following the speech, Chris Matthews grilled reporter Chris Jansing, an eyewitness to the one persistent heckler, who was hit by ice and snowballs by annoyed spectators, who more than likely wanted to hear what the president was saying.
Were the ice and snowballs flung viciously or playfully, asked the "Hardball" host.
Mmmm, somewhat viciously, said Jansing.
Matthews expressed solemn hope that the incident didn't lead to more throwing of ice and snowballs later in the day. Or other viciousness, presumably.

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