Monday, January 31, 2005

The sorrows of Lotto

We've heard this story before: guy wins Lotto, ruins life.
Or have we?

Jack Whittaker of W. Va. won the Powerball in 2002 -- $314 million. He took the quick payout. He was up in years, after all.

Seemed like an interesting winner, as winners go. He dressed in black, like Johnny Cash, pledged to do good deeds with his dough, said he planned to keep doing what he's always done.

Then he turned into a raving drunk, he kept showing up at the local topless bar waving thousands of dollars around, people kept robbing him, his wife left him, his beloved granddaughter turned into a crackhead and OD'd, one of his granddaughter's boyfriends OD'd, etc., etc.

The down home folks of Hurricane, W. Va. said Jack's money turned Jack into a jackass, corrupted the youth and made them question the evil power of a big pile of cash. [WP Sunday Magazine]

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