Thursday, December 16, 2004

Beatles Music 4 Free

This post unfortunately will appear too late for our international and out-of-state readers to act upon.

Even so, there will be a genuine "happening" tomorrow night in Baytown, Tex., when the group "Churchmouse" makes an appearance at a storefront church to perform a concert that will include a healthy portion of Beatles music.

I love the Beatles. From the day my older sister first brought home "Meet The Beatles," I was hooked. I have all their vinyl LPs and most of the CDs that replicated those recording sessions. I hope Santa brings me the new box set.

Churchmouse is sometimes a trio and sometimes a duo. The duo version, I'm told, will perform Friday night. It includes a fellow who I first befriended back in the 2nd grade at James Bowie Elementary in the gritty city by the bay.

Jim's recollection of our past is slightly different. He says he distinctly remembers us meeting at the Optimist Club house on
Market Street, where he remarked at how much he coveted my gray Hush
Puppies, and that later we both arrived at Mrs. Laughlin's kindergarten class.

In either case, back in the day, Jim was the best artist of our peer group, and the best colorer. No one could match his rendition of The Alamo. He and I drew it constantly. His was always better. He insists Donald Smith, a classmate, was the better artist, but I say no way.

Now we're both middle aged.

Jim's day job is in the petrochemical industry. He also is a prolific artist and musician in his spare time. This I admire, as I have no artistic or musical ability, though I do sing along when I play my Beatles music at home and in the car.

Writing me recently about the concert, Jim noted that one of his sons recently chose to write about John Lennon for a school paper. You could tell Jim was proud of his son's choice.

Here's the set list he provided:

1. Chains (Carole King-Gerry Coffen via Beatles)
2. Nowhere Man (our theme song)
3. Rain (the underrated B-side of Paperback Writer)
4. Across the Universe (an inspiring bit of mahareshi-backlash from mr. lennon;
this song was featured at the end of the film, "pleasantville," as performed by
fiona apple - awesome take, and of course was in the beatles film, Let it Be)
5. What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding (Nick Lowe's classic
song via Elvis Costello)
6. The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes (Elvis is King; rather Declan McManus
should have a coronation)
7. I Don't Understand (Spanic Boys - an unheralded father-son duo from Wisconsin
- there big claim-to-fame - thus far - was an appearance on SNL, when sinead
o'connor backed out because andrew dice clay was hosting)
8. A Richard Kleiman original
9. Another RK original
10. RK
11. RK
12. So Sad (Everly Bros. classic, sung with the heft of an exxon gas-release)
13. Christmas Must Be Tonight (a great forgotten R. Robertson/Band treasure)
14. 4th of July (Dave Alvin, as transmogrified by the california punksters, X)
15. Two of Us (another chestnut from Let It Be)

This will be acoustic music. "RK" is Jim's partner, Richard Kleiman.

The venue is "The Harbor," a storefront church situated next to
Van's Gym in the Bay Plaza shopping center, located on Alexander Drive (which used to be known as Hwy. 146 before the state rerouted the road).

There is no cover charge. And since it's a church, there will be no smokin' or drinkin', but those who wish may "tailgate" out in the parking, Jim said. The music starts about 8.

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