Sunday, June 20, 2004

3,000 Pounds of Carbon Monoxide, etc, etc

Following the $140,000 fine for environmental law infractions, the yahoos who run the ChevronPhillips refinery in Sweeny say an equipment malfunction is causing an unscheduled shutdown of the Ethylene 33 Unit. Lots of pollutants will be spewing forth, but on the bright side, "Steam flow to the flare will be maximized to limit the visible emissions," the yahoos tell state regulators. Gee, thanks.
The estimated emissions for the next day or so:

Carbon Monoxide 3000 lbs
Nitric Oxide 50 lbs
Nitrogen dioxide 500 lbs
1,3-BUTADIENE 100 lbs
Acetylene 20.0 lbs
Benzene 100 lbs
Butene40 lbs
Ethane (no specific emissions authorization) 560 lbs
Ethylene (gaseous) 3000 lbs
Methane (No specific emissions authorization) 360 lbs
Pentane 80 lbs
Propane 110 lbs
Propylene 500 lbs
Toluene 30 lbs

(Happy Father's Day)

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