Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Banjo says, CHECK THIS OUT -- NOW!

This is the coolest Website I've stumbled across in a long time -- TerraServer.
With a little patience and effort, you can find your house, where you went to high school, your favorite fishin' hole, your favorite golf course, or just about anything else.

Here's an explanation about TerraServer:

The TerraServer-USA Web site is one of the world's largest online databases, providing free public access to a vast data store of maps and aerial photographs of the United States. TerraServer is designed to work with commonly available computer systems and Web browsers over slow speed communications links. The TerraServer name is a play on words, with 'Terra' referring to the 'earth' or 'land' and also to the terabytes of images stored on the site.

Exploring our planet by studying maps and images is a fascinating experience! Not surprisingly, the first place many people visit is their own neighborhood. You also might want to take a look at famous places such as our National Parks or your favorite sports parks. TerraServer is also a valuable resource for researchers who was to study geography, environmental issues or archeological mysteries...there are almost limitless possibilities.

You can easily navigate the enormous amount of information in TerraServer by selecting a location on a map or entering a place name. And now, a new Web service--called TerraServer.NET--enables Web developers to easily integrate TerraServer data into their own applications.

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