Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alvin students march to Pearland, realize they have no idea what they're doing, then catch the bus home

The heady atmosphere of protest made its way to Brazoria County yesterday, when students at Alvin High School marched over immigration "reform."

Inexplicably, the kids decided to march to Pearland.

The Alvin High principal, equally inexplicably, dispatched school buses to fetch the youngsters.

Most of them rode the bus back to Alvin.

Compared with the '60s, stickin' it to the man in 2006 is much more convenient.

[the local paper]

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kschlenker said...

As a parent with girls who graduated from Alvin High, I can tell you, the thing the kids were most interested in was having a day off from their teachers. Heck, they would have protested rain if that would have spiced up their day...