Friday, March 04, 2005

The Perfect Family Day Trip

Gather up the kids, invite the neighbors and head north on I-45 to the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville. For the reasonable charge of $4, you'll be able to stand within feet of Old Sparky, the electric chair that sent hundreds of convicted capital murderers to a most unpleasant death. But there's more than just Old Sparky at the museum, located just off the Interstate. There's a fascinating pictorial display of the Famous & Infamous who have done time in Texas, ranging from Dallas Cowboys star Bob Hayes and rock 'n roller David Crosby, who worked in a mattress factory during his 5-month stint. There's a pistol taken from Bonnie & Clyde's "Death Car," a tribute to the old Texas Prison Rodeo, a fascinating display of all the weapons the state's ingenious inmates have fashioned from stuff they scrounged up, including a number of real-looking pistols that were carved from wood, a pictorial of gang bangers and their tattooes and much, much more. If you have children, this museum may help you keep them on the straight & narrow. But probably not. For more pictures, please see our photoblog Banjo Pics. Posted by Hello

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